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Alive 1 studio the Ground Zero till Completion of Entire Recording from The Rehearsal/ Jamming sessions to the final mastering of the products can be completed in the recording studios with the live recording facilities.

All kind of Technical & Production support are given to the artists. 

Alive 1 Studio state of the art equipment will make sure that the sonic production is at par with industry standards and can be compared to any other national as well as international product.

Video Production


Alive 1 Studio  Shoot floors are equipped with hi resolution digital cameras. Supported by Pre installed Lights along with Chroma shoot facilities to give the production a new age dynamic look. 

Alive 1 Studio Video producers will take care of the entire shooting and video post process to  give the projects the desired look and add the wow factor to it

Complete Lights, Camera, Edit, Color Correction, Edit Graphics and animation will be done in Alive 1 Studio

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