The Space & Setup




Sound Craft VI 1 32 channel + MADI Card

Sound Craft GB4 - 24 channel Mixer

Yamaha O1V 96 Digital Mixer

Boss VE 20

Alesis Microverb

DAS Audio Front Speakers

EV P1201 Amplifier

Audix Drum DP7

Shure SM 57

Shure SM 58

Audio Technica T200 Headphones

Shure SRH 440 Headphones

Back Line Equipments / Stage Gears

Acoustic Custom Made Drum Kit

Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG200S Nat

Ibanez SDGR Bass Guitar / SR 700 *

Roland GW- 8

African Conga with Stands

Djembe with Stands


Complete Percussion Ensemble

Audio Hardware & Equipments




Protools HD 12 Special - DAW

LED Warm Yellow Shoot Lights

LED Face Lights with Filters

Fender Champion Lead Guitar Amplifier

Ampeg BA 115 Bass Guitar Amplifier

Stranger Lead Guitar Amplifier PM102

Musical Equipment 

Professional Cables & Connectors

Microphone Stand

Microphone Stand Small

Notation Stand


Audio Softwares

Normal Shoot lights

Professional Concert Light Set up - Hardware

Pearl Avolite Mixer Expert          

Professional Aluminium Square Trussing

LED Blinder

LED Par Can for Face

LED Par Colour Light

Haze Machine - Automatic

Sharpey Lights

Moving Heads

Profile Light

UPS - 1 KW

Professional Light Protection Kit

Professional Chroma Screen & Lights 12 X 10 ft Set up

Keno Flo

Keno Diva

Keno Celeb Lights

LED Screen & Visual Graphics

High Resolution LED Screen *pixels

LED Mixer

Visual Graphic Software

Visual Graphic System

Live Recording & Video Shoot Zone located in 2nd Floor Infrastructural Facilities - Live Music Recording & Rehearsal Floor | Shoot Floor | World Premiere Streaming Zone | Venue for Ticketed Intimate Mini Concerts |  Complete Integration Between Dream Theater Floor with Blue Heaven Recording Booth & Pink Floyd Digital Control Room is Possible on Prior Bookings


Floor Space                 45 X 25

AC                                6.5 Ton - Channel Industrial AC

                                     2.5 Ton Split AC

UPS                             APC with 8 hours Back up

Support Staff              Studio Assistant


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VI 1 Audio Console