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Musicians & Creative Professionals travel for their projects and are always looking for an experience that enhances creativity on the run. One loses a lot of precious time, energy, and money on luxury hotels and commuting in search of that experience.

Our goal is to provide musicians with an environment for an experience of a lifetime and provide them with the best gear for production.

As a result, we turned towards creating ALIVE1 STUDIO, so that musicians can relax and feel at home and get one creative juice flowing whilst using apt production appliances and hardware.

The Audio Recording & Video Shoot Floors with Post Production Bays

• 3 Audio Recording Studios

• 1 Fully Equipped Multi-Track Live Music Recording & Shoot Floor with
    all A/V Equipment's & Amenities

Integrated Residency Facility in the Studio Premise saving Commuting time 

• Residency - 2 Exclusive AC Rooms  for Artist stay back with all amenities.
   Tie  ups with Nearby Service Apartments for Additional guests.

• Canteen that serves Tea / Snacks / Refreshment & Meals Round the Clock 

• Green Room / Vanity Room with attached Bathroom & Luggage Room

Live Performance Zones - Both Indoor & Outdoor

• Alive Sky - 100 Seater  Open Air Amphitheater for Unplugged Live Performances ,Corporate Events & Workshops

Dream Theater - World Premiere Streaming Zone - Live Performance for an
   audience of 40 

Yellow Submarine - 24 Seater Preview Theater & Unplugged Performance

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